Great India Elevator Passenger Elevators are designed to provide highest level of riding comfort at competitive cost. These elevators are controlled by our state of the art sophisticated electronic controllers and high quality electro-mechanical equipments to make your travel highly comfortable. These Elevator are easy to maintain at minimum cost, because of simple and well proven design. Great India Elevator passenger elevators are equiped with VVVF control system for smoother ride, perfect leveling and energy efficiency.

Various door options like power operated (Automatic) doors, swing/collapsible (Manual) doors; imperforated doors etc. are available as per customers' requirements.

Passenger elevators are manufactured with load capacity of 225, 300, 320, 400, 500, 630, 1000, 1275 kg and speed movement up to 2 m/sec. They are designed with the upper and the lower machine room for an installation in the dwelling houses, administrative and residential buildings, hotels, banks and offices.

Providing you the best range of passenger lift, passenger elevator, 8 passenger lift, capsule passenger lift, duplex indoor passenger lift and telescopic passenger lift with effective & timely delivery.

Freight Elevator – Standard Civil Dimensions

Great India Elevator offers a complete range of goods elevators for different applications involving transportation of goods. The capacity ranges from 500 kg. to 5000 kg. depending on customers' requirement. There are also a variety of door types available such as collapsible gates, power operated doors, swing doors etc.

Home Elevators

We provide home lifts, residential elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, cogbelt home elevators, gearless residential lifts and hydraulic home elevators for small houses, villas, bungalows, buildings and luxury homes all over India.

Features of the Home Elevators:

Adds value to your home.

Precisely designed for your home.


Smooth ride and Smooth final stop.

It elegant design, easy to install as well as safe and easy mobility from basement to the attic, with the push of a button.

It is the ideal solution for elderly and physically challenged person to move autonomously and free from Stairs.


Make office spaces more efficient and comfortable with Great India Lifts’ products for office spaces. Our products are highly versatile and suit every kind of office style, be it contemporary or traditional. Our products are guaranteed to work smoothly to your specifications providing an excellent experience every time. Our products make it easy to transport even heavy objects quite easily from one floor to the next. We guarantee that everything from installation to after-sale service is seamless and secure with us


If you also care about high standards of safety and security just like us, Our products come in various shapes and sizes to meet your requirements and fit your home ideally. Our solutions are quite affordable and provide a safe and longer lifeline. They are customizable according to your preferences, offering a risk-free, convenient and comfortable experience. Our heavy-duty products are long-lasting and are best suited for you if lifts will be used for carrying heavy objects from one floor to the next.


Our products are ideal for your business if you want to give your customers the best of everything. Our Great India solutions are best for your unique needs as they can be customized in accordance with your preference, style, and requirements. Our products provide a luxurious experience at a surprisingly affordable cost, ensuring comfort and accessibility and utilizing the best of fancy retail ambiance. Our products are ideal to carry heavy loads from one floor to the next and work best to accomplish

your design goals as well. Our products are extremely safe and secure to use and provide a seamless experience every time.


Elevate the ambiance and experience of your guests in your hotel with our Great India solutions. With customizable designs and improved latest technology, our products provide the ideal vibe to your space along with efficient operations for a seamless ride. Besides, our products are extremely safe, secure and offer a longer working life. Our products are perfectly capable of carrying heavy loads with any issue while providing the luxury and feel of a smooth ride. Superior quality products that come with numerous amazing features and offer safe and smooth travel solutions.


A well equipped infrastructure is a must for successfully rendering quality services. We have a strong commitment towards delivering quality products and solutions for our customers. Our factories are well maintained and equipped with advanced technology for better and faster results. We highly value environmentally friendly solutions that are not only sustainable but also effective. Our machinery is of superior quality and the facility is state-of-the-art. Our factories are made with a vision to provide better service, product and solutions for our customers.


Our hospital lifts are ideal for health care and clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and medical centers of any size. It is specifically designed for free movement of patients, patient beds, and medical equipment for any kind of emergency along with the medical staff. Our Great India solutions are best in class and provide a smooth and comfortable experience to its users. The lifts are made strong to take heavy loads to suit the requirements of a new-age medical center. Our lifts are extremely safe and secure and provide seamless service. Our products are customizable according to your preference and come with various amazing features as well.


We are one of the reliable and well known service providers for elevators maintenance. We offer our clients annual maintenance contract for all types of lifts. Our service team consists of the highly skilled and experienced technicians. We provide annual maintenance contract (AMC) at very reasonable cost without compromising on the quality of services. We undertake comprehensive and non comprehensive maintenance contract for elevators.


Every elevators has a life cycle even after the proper care & services, the lift has to be modified after some years. Elevators eventually need to be replaced or modified for the reduction in energy cost, for greater safety, its reliability and to be updated with the latest technology and designs. We modify our clients elevator with the latest and updated techniques, technology, design and compact feature to ensure maximum safety, reduce energy cost, and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Installation works are carried out after discussions on the type of lift required to meet the demands of the building are agreed and using the latest technology equipment to the market with the same views for parts as within refurbishments works. All works carried out are planned on our approved software controlling programmes/parts fitted and registering dates and sources and using procedures as approved under our Quality Management Systems.


Our organization is counted as one of the leading service provider engaged in rendering superior quality elevator to our valuable clients. Widely appreciated by our customers, these services are provided by our experienced team members who are perfect in this field. Our prices are affordable as well as the services provided are outstanding. Our team consists of the highly skilled and experienced technicians.


Annual Maintenance contract

Elevators being an electro-mechanical product, require proper care and regular maintenance. We have an efficient and friendly team of service engineers for providing after sales and AMC support to our customers. We undertake annual Maintenance contracts for Elevators of all makes and models

Spare Parts

We maintain sufficient and complete inventory of spare parts of elevators of all makes and models

Elevator modernization

Most elevators are built to provide about 20 years of service, as long as service intervals specified and periodic maintenance/inspections by the manufacturer are followed. As the elevator ages and equipment become increasingly difficult to find or replace, along with code changes and deteriorating ride performance, modernization of the elevator may be suggested to the building owners

A typical modernization consists of controller equipment, electrical wiring and buttons, position indicators and direction arrows, hoist machines and motors (including door operators), and sometimes door hanger tracks. Rarely are car slings, rails, or other heavy structures changed. The cost of an elevator modernization can range greatly depending on which type of equipment is to be installed

Modernization can greatly improve operational reliability by replacing mechanical relays and contacts with solid-state electronics. Ride quality can be improved by replacing motor-generator-based drive designs with Variable-Voltage, Variable Frequency (V3F) drives, providing near-seamless acceleration and deceleration. Passenger safety is also improved by updating systems and equipment to conform to current codes.

Modernization of old lifts are suggested to achieve one or more of the following:

Conversion from single speed to VVVF control

Conversion of manual door to power operated doors.

Modifying interiors of car to provide aesthetic looks

Increasing carrying capacity of the lift.

Conversion from old to latest technology

Conversion from low to high travel speed

Cost of modernization is substantially low as compared to the cost of new lift

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